Unsung Heroes of IT / Part One

Brian Kernighan, in 1972, 40 years ago
Brian Kernighan, we salute you!

Brian Kernighan, we salute you!

You were the first to use the words "hello world" in a computer language. Your simple yet powerful words, originally written in C, have shaped the world. Anybody wanting to try out a new programming language is spared from the burden of choosing what to type.

main printf hello world
run_ hello world

"Hello, world" is something universal, something bigger. It does not choose color or sex. It does not discriminate any programming language. Balancing the fine line between corny and genius it truly has stood the test of time.

As the father of hello world, you have left an unmatched heritage and touched the lives of millions.

When? Where?

When was the first time you used those magical words? Where? Which language did you use? Who was there with you to share the experience?

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The unsung heroes of IT is a series where we Reaktorians pay tribute to those who have shaped our industry but received little or no credit for their contribution.

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